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Comments made by trasho

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Nov 3, 2005

Finally! After toooo many weeks of male doms, a return to classic form. And it was a classic! The only element missing that keeps me from rating it a Five was pussy eating. Otherwise, brilliant work by true beauties.

Water Bondage
Oct 14, 2005

Seven is gorgeous, electrifying and fantastic. As always. I'm so glad to know that she's back in the game. BUT... I've griped before about males appearing on WaterBondage. And, yes, I know that WB has never officially been women-on-women exclusively, but I certainly prefer that policy (as on WiredPussy and WhippedAss). There have been many male doms lately. If this remains the standard practice, I'm not going to re-up my subscription.

Water Bondage
Sep 27, 2005

Hollie is gorgeous and a GREAT sub. She is amazing in this scenario. That stated, I have to say that I am always disappointed when I see a male dom here on Water Bondage. I know it's not officially a girl-girl site, but I'd love it if that could become the policy.

Water Bondage
Sep 11, 2005

Nina is THE BEST! Claire is one of my favorites as well. This was a terrific match-up of two impossibly beautiful talents. The only missing element that keeps this from being a perfect session is the absence of pussy-licking. NO ONE does this better than Nina, so let's have a rematch that's heavy on the chowing, please!

Water Bondage
Apr 22, 2005

Lola is a beauty and BRILLIANT work by Chanta, as always. However, I can't stress enough how much I hate the gloves. And, in general, I prefer the videos to be devoid of "plot." It's better when they focus on the real girl undergoing real treatment. Still, very hot stuff.

Water Bondage
Apr 8, 2005

Sye is awesome and it is BEYOND GREAT to see Chanta eating pussy again! My favorite sight to behold in the world! After months and months of those annoying black gloves, I LOVED seeing Chanta making such direct sexual contact! More please! And then some more after that!

Water Bondage
Mar 3, 2007

Brilliant! One of the greatest match-ups in the site's history! Claire looks more beautiful than ever (who knew that was possible) and has come into her own as a genius dom. I love love love the oral interplay between mistress and sub. Rozen is a dream cum true as well. MORE OF BOTH PLEASE!!!

Whipped Ass
Nov 25, 2006

Sandra is the absolute equal of Chanta and Kym. Gorgeous Sara's enthusiasm here is spellbinding. What I love more than anything is when the interaction between dom and sub spills over into such a whole SEXUAL interaction. Brilliant work.

Whipped Ass
Jul 28, 2006

Another bold step in a very hot direction. Beautiful doms, true submissives. Great, great work.

Men In Pain
Jul 27, 2006

Daring and powerful. More and more, please.

Men In Pain
May 6, 2006

Three beautiful women (more of each please). Alluring sexuality throughout. Bang-up job.

Whipped Ass
Apr 19, 2006

Nina was the reason I joined Ultimate Surrender in the first place. Of all the numerous, glorisouly varied beauties on the Kink.com sites, Justine is second only to Nina in her overall luminous appeal. This was a dream-come-true (and come-all-over-the-place) pairing. Knockout work, all-around.

Ultimate Surrender
Dec 7, 2005

Brilliant! Magnificent! This is THE best shoot I have seen on any of your family of sites EVER! Smashing anal play! AMAZING pussy eating! Great pain and greater plleasure! THE BEST!

Wired Pussy
Aug 17, 2005

Greatest match-up EVER! Nina is my all-time favorite model and the HEAT exploding between her and Vendetta here is mind-blowing! Comepletely believable, completely awesome. Thank you!

Fucking Machines
Aug 14, 2005

Smashing! REAL sex! REAL surrender! REAL heat! The best effort in months -- and there have been GREAT efforts leading up to this one.

Whipped Ass